About Rhythmic Gymnastics-

RG is a graceful form of gymnastics that was first introduced in Canada more than 50 years ago!

RG is a beautiful combination between art and sport. It elegantly combines the technical handling of apparatus (ribbon, rope, hoop, ball & clubs) with the mastery of body expression, dance, acrobatics, and musicality.

RG is a rapidly growing sport throughout the world. 

What are the the benefits of RG?

  • Develops posture and confident body movement, for sport and life
  • Enhances co-ordination and agility, for body awareness and balance
  • Enhances creativity and builds self-confidence
  • Increases flexibility and strength and prepares the body for the life's challenges
  • Develops healthy minds and bodies for now and later life

Rhythmic gymnastics is for women and girls of all ages. 

Rhythmic Gymnastics can be performed individually or in groups of up to 5 gymnasts. The following apparatus are used in competitive Rhythmic Gymnastics: 

Rope - Light and supple, in hemp or synthetic material; use the rope to leap over or skip then add in swings, throws, circles, rotations and figures of eight. 

Hoop - made of plastic or wood; rotate the hoop around the hand or body then add rolls, swings, circles, figures of eight, throws, passes through and over the hoop. 

Ball - made of rubber or synthetic material, 18 - 20 cms in diameter; rest the ball in the hand then add throws, bounces or rolls. 

Clubs - made of wood or synthetic material; use the clubs for rhythmical tapping then add mills and small circles, asymmetric movements, throws and catches. 

Ribbon - 6 metres long and probably the most popular event for the spectators; use the ribbon for large, smooth flowing movements to make spirals and circles then add swings, circles and serpents. 

Freehand - performances without apparatus; instead the emphasis is on style, technique and execution of dance skills. Freehand is most often seen in lower levels. 


There is no time like NOW to try rhythmic gymnastics!

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